The Trade Plan

Time to Adapt with Art Board2-01Whether you are passively or actively managing your assets in the markets, investing is a business. A Trade Plan is imperative. Investing and trading is a pay-for-performance art and science. There is no magic “one size fits all” program that works. There is no software, newsletter, or system that solves complexity of the markets. Only you can.

Investing in the markets is paradoxically simple though it is not easy. Traders must stay focused on trading what they see, not what they think.

The Trade Plan program is designed to help you build a daily, weekly or monthly structure that works for you. This is not a beginners level program. To enroll in the Trade Plan Program you must have a better than basic level of market knowledge. You must understand and have a better than average knowledge of your computer, of your platform and technical analysis.


Behavioral Investing: Neither fear nor exuberance are good investment guides. Successful professional investors are subject to the same emotions as the rest of us. But they counter it in two ways. First, they know their weaknesses, placing them on vigil. Second, they have a sell-discipline plan.

We will walk you through a series of psychological tests built for investors and help you develop a plan to work towards your strengths and leverage your weaknesses to your advantage.

Business Plan: Pay yourself first! Managing your assets in the market is a business. Investing or trading is a pay-for-performancecareer. Growing your net worth is part of the success formula.

We will help you construct a pay-for-performance model and work towards increasing net worth. Long term passive investing is part of the goal.Stones long-01

Continuing Education: Markets are fluid, dynamic and constantly in motion. New products and tools are introduced daily. This career track encourages continuously updating our knowledge and skill base. It is an imperative element of a great trade plan.

We will help you test and understand your current knowledge base, and create a self-directed learning calendar tailored to you and your goals.

Technology: The technology we use is the scalpel of the investing trade. Don’t fight the tech. Honing and fine-tuning our abilities to use these tools opens up opportunities.

We will help you create a technology plan, ensuring money and time are leveraged to your advantage.

Seasonal Sectoral Rotation: The markets do not go up nor down in a straight line. In fact there is a rhyme and rhythm to the movement of money flows. Have you ever purchased a “good” opportunity and then watched it go down or sideways?

Learn how to seize opportunities with seasonal and sectoral rotation as an integral part of your trade plan.

Eye2-01Scanning for opportunities: What is your criteria for selecting opportunities? When do you let them go? How often to you churn your capital over? What is your short, medium and long term position strategy? What is your list of “must-own” opportunities? What is your list of “must-be-short?”

We will help you create a systemic scanning plan tailored to your needs and goals.

Macro Data Tracking: With a 24 x 7 news cycle the media is calling every micro-movement in the market like a football game. The business media has taken to sensationalizing economic news. The “experts” do not acknowledge or apologize when they are wrong, nor do they offer you a refund. Expert economists have called 10 of the last 2 recessions accurately. Every day someone will tell you the market will double from here and 5 minutes later cut in half. Turn off the “talking heads!”

We will help you put together a simple method of tracking data for yourself upon which to leverage your decisions.

Trade Rules and Market Governance: Like any good business, there is good governance, with sound principals around which you base decisions. In the market, different opportunities require a set of guiding rules.

We will show you how to create an overall governance model. We will also help you to break down trade set-ups scenarios and create rules to capture the most of opportunities.Swing ReDo-01

Estate Planning: A good plan considers and works towards passive streams of income. Also there are tax implications, transfer and philanthropy to consider. Constructing your estate plan guides our plan to your next set of goals.

Sketch and detail the next level of your net worth and cash flow with the means to enjoy time.

(*Note: This is not a beginner-level program: There will be an interview + a skills test prior to accepting your application. We want to ensure that you are able to participate fully in the program.)

Commitment – we promise it